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Posted on July 7, 2012

Arnold Wong


Awaken The Sleeping Giant

10 Reasons Why Nerium Is YOUR Business

1) Barrier Of Entry: 10 years of prominent scientific research before marketing.  ONLY Oleander specialize Biotech farming which requires a deep pocket . Jeff Olson founder 25 + years MLM  experience created huge organizations worth millions.  He is hired by MLM companies to become multi billion corporations. It has been said it would take 10 to 15 years before anyone can duplicate Nerium Age Defying Night Cream Treatment UNIQUE opportunity.

2) $80 Billion annual global skin care revenue. In 3 years projected to be $114 Billion. Men are also starting to care for their skin as well.

3) NEW! EXCITING! UNIQUE! Nerium International is position to be one of the best multi level marketing opportunity and the best anti aging skin care product in history. “RARE BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY” We all have several rare MLM prosperous opportunities in our life time the KEY is to cease and act on it. We call it Relationship Marketing using Brand Partners.

Nerium AD

4) PHENOMENAL TIMING! As we all know timing is everything. All Network Marketing companies go through a growth pattern. Formulation, Expansion, Momentum and Stability. It has been said that if you are in the Expansion stage you are poised to be a millionaire. Guest What?! We are still in the Formulation stage. Please keep in mind you are in position to make millions but you MUST first perform in accordance to what it takes to be in the millionaire club. Reality is that it is not going to be handed to you on a silver platter you will have to work for it. In addition only a small percentage will be millionaires but the upside you will have a chance at it. Nerium International started August of 2011 and breaking records. We haven’t even started to go global yet.

Great Billionaire once said: “Determine exactly what you want. Find out what you need to do to achieve your goal. Then put all of your heart and soul into it”

5) SUCCESSFULLY Nerium International have a REAL modern lucrative compensation plan:  50% of the companies revenue goes to the brandpartners, Free Apple 2 I Pad within 60 days qualify and Lexus Car Incentive in 90 days or less qualify. Entry level profit sharing 2% global CV profits 25% of total previous month to share for qualifiers. Seamless International, no break aways, 10 deep up to 10% commission, incentives, bonuses, Free NeriumAD Skincare bottle much more….

6) Majority of the population do not like to sell. Nerium AD Anti Aging Night Creme sells itself. Just simply get the bottle in their hands let the real results speak for itself. Remember 30 day 100% money back guarantee.

7) Real Company Real People–Real Age Defying Skin Care Results– Real Science– Real Business– Real Relationship Marketing.

8) FASCINATING! I was very fortunate to learn from many of the top 1% performers in MLM. Network marketing greats who had 50,000 to 500,000 plus in their organizations. These Multi Level Marketing gurus revealed to me how they did it! Another MLM? No way! Relationship Marketing exceeds using our unique Brand Partner method.

9) My credible uplines and I have strong core values. We are supportive of your dreams, desires and goals in building a viable business whether it be large or small. Come and Join our team of success.

10) POWERFUL– It has been said that if you have a product that nobody have, everybody need, it is simple, easy, convenient and have profound result in a very short time you will be rich. In my opinion that very product is NeriumAD. Nerium International and NeriumAD Anti Aging Skin Care Product is a GAME CHANGER!

Confucius stated: “He who has secure the good of others have already secured his own”

YES I Want to be a Brand Partner NOW!


Disclaimer: The Nerium AD Age Defying Treatment can only work effectively if you use the night creme daily and correctly in order to get maximum results. On this website please watch Video-NeriumAD Application on How To.  Although Nerium International gives you 100% Money Back Guarantee you will still incur the cost of  shipping.  It is imperative you call Nerium International within 30 days to get your money back even if the bottle is empty. Please remember there is no promise of monetary gain. In order to be successful with Nerium International as a business brand partner you MUST work hard to be succeesful.

” Be Determine Obstacles Are Only Opportunities In Disguise”

Jesus said: “If thoust can’t believe it then all things are possible to whom believe it”

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